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Victorian COVID 19 Lockdown

COVID 19 Virus Molecule image


We are still operating under the current Victorian COVID lockdown for Tax Depreciation Schedules.
Limited residential on site inspections are being undertaken under stringent requirements.
All doors must be open with all lights turned on so nothing needs to be touched.
The resident must not have any symptoms, be isolating or have been in any form of contact with a covid positive person.
Our staff are vaccinated, have not been in any form of contact with persons displaying symptoms and have no symptoms themselves. Our Staff wear facemasks, protective gloves and single use footwear protection at all times.
We maintain safe distancing and prefer that the occupant(s) remain outside whilst the inspection is taking place. This takes around 15 to 20 minutes.


We are currently not having face to face meetings during the current lockdown. Quotes may be obtained on line here- get quote now, or you can chat with an expert QS on our website.